C-SPAN Announces “Campaign 2008 Tonight

From the release:

    Political junkies craving a more intimate look at the 2008 presidential race can now turn to C-SPAN’s “Campaign 2008 Tonight,” a new block of political programming launched today as the most competitive campaign in recent history continues to intensify. Tune-in to C-SPAN2 at 9 p.m. ET every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Campaign 2008-related event coverage, and a closer look at the candidates on the campaign trail, as C-SPAN cameras capture events such as “meet and greets,” town hall meetings, fundraisers and speeches from around the country.

    C-SPAN’s “Campaign 2008 Tonight” programming is generally comprised of footage recorded by video journalists using hand-held cameras, which has come to define C-SPAN’s “video verite”-style of political coverage. The “Campaign 2008 Tonight” program block may range from 20 to 60 minutes and include coverage of one or more candidates or events.