BUZZMEDIA Adds Quartet of Punk Rock-Focused Websites

This morning, Jason Tate, founder of the Portland, Oregon BUZZMEDIA owned website, heralded the expansion of his Pacific Northwest stage dive empire under the headline “Dear World, Meet: Absolute Voices:”

Today is one of those special days where I get to say a new part of the dream I’ve had for the past 12 or so years is coming true. It comes with great pride that we can announce something that I’ve been working on behind the scenes for over a year: the formation of a new publishing group that we’re dubbing “AbsoluteVoices” (yeah, I’m not all that creative with names)…

I’d like to officially welcome and thank,, and for agreeing to be part of a vision for what the future of music blogging and the publishing world can look like online… Over the rest of the week I’ll be posting some interviews with each of the site’s main editors to talk more about how we will all be working together.

Adds BUZZMEDIA vice president and general manager of music Bill Jensen in this morning’s press release: “AbsoluteVoices puts a spotlight on some of the most unique and up-and-coming voices in punk rock reporting and brings them to, which over the years has become the largest online gathering place for the punk rock fan community. Thirty years later, American youth still passionately identify with the intensity and forward-thinking music and style of punk.”

God save… the Internet? PropertyOfZack, by the way, is the “leading punk destination on Tumblr.”

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