BuzzFeed Launches Voting Project With Help From President Obama

Young people: Voting is more important than Snapchat. Seriously!

BuzzFeed wants young people to vote, so—with a little help from President Obama—the company has launched a weeklong series asking people to register and then make their voices heard in November.

The project debuts with a short video featuring President Obama listing “5 things that are harder than registering to vote.” Obama is shown crafting a friendship bracelet, naming all the Game of Thrones characters who have died and more. The video ends with the President asking viewers to navigate to to register.

“If you don’t do it now, BuzzFeed will be reminding you all week with videos and articles about what it means to be American and to think about the next 20, 30, 50 years of our country,” wrote BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith, in a post announcing the initiative.

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