BuzzFeed Chairman Says BuzzFeed Is Doing Great

Sure, sure it is. Mom and dad are very proud.

BuzzFeed chairman Ken Lerer wants everyone to know that BuzzFeed is doing just fine thank you very much.

Lerer spoke out because of a Financial Times’ report that claimed the company missed revenue goals in 2015 and has cut its projections for this year in half.

The FT said BuzzFeed expected $250 million in revenues for 2015, but produced less than $170 million. BuzzFeed also cut its revenue target for this year from $500 million to $250 million.

Not so, said Lerer. “Anyone who thinks that this isn’t a terrific time to be in digital content is dead wrong,” he told Re/code. “There’s nothing cratering in the industry. It’s better than ever.”

As for specifics? Well, Lerer refused to comment. So you’ll just have to accept his “man yells at cloud” statement as fact.