Bush’s Press Conference: The Highlights

  • THE PRESIDENT: David, I don’t want to contradict an august reporter such as yourself, but…

  • Toby, I apologize for getting immediately to the TV people. That’s bad protocol, I should have called on you.

    Q She went already.

    THE PRESIDENT: Oh, she already has —

    Q Yes, you’re getting on TV. (Laughter.)

    Q I’ve got another question, though.

    THE PRESIDENT: I’m having such a good time, I forgot what passed.

    Q You’re just afraid I’ll ask another follow-up, which I’d love to.

    THE PRESIDENT: No, but you’re just going to — (laughter.)

    Q Okay, 2005, why —

    THE PRESIDENT: Excuse me, Toby.

  • Q Maybe we could switch to the economy just for one second, Mr. President.

    THE PRESIDENT: Wait a minute, that’s not a diss on the front row, is it?

    Q Not at all, sir.

    THE PRESIDENT: Okay. Well, they’re not taking it that way, it looks like —

    Q They’re misreading it. (Laughter.)

  • Q Mr. President, good morning.

    THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, Ed. Thank you, appreciate that. A little ray of sunshine here. (Laughter.)

    Q We do all we can. (Laughter.)

  • Bret.

    Q Mr. President, thank you. I’d like to ask for one clarification and one question, if I may.

    THE PRESIDENT: Sure. Depends on what the clarification is.

  • THE PRESIDENT: Wolf, the next three months you and your august colleagues are trying to get me to be Pundit-in-Chief and I unfortunately practiced some punditry in the past — I’m not going to any further. I know, I know —

  • On the other hand, what I’m not going to miss is what we all — some of us went through in 2000, which was getting out on the airplane and having my friend Candy Crowley pass a virus around and — (laughter.) I got a respiratory infection; so did half the press corps. They got off the plane; I didn’t get to get off the plane. And it was tough, it was a tough experience. And, well, look, I’m not dissing Candy; I said, “my friend.” Look, it can happen to the best of them, you know.

    (ed. note: See video here)

  • Q — I can’t help but read your body language this morning, Mr. President. You seem somehow dispirited, somewhat dispirited.

    THE PRESIDENT: I think you need to apologize for advance — (laughter.) This is like — all of a sudden, it’s like Psychology 101, you know? (Laughter.)