Bush Meets The (Foreign) Press

Some highlights from last week’s “Roundtable Interview of the President by Foreign Print Media”:

THE PRESIDENT: So here’s the thing — I’m going to have a few comments, and then got time for one question apiece. So calibrate your questions. You can do like our press — ask three questions in one question.

Anyway, what are the rules for the American press corps — French and American press corps?

MS. PERINO: It’s embargoed until they have a chance to use it themselves.

THE PRESIDENT: I’m talking about these people.

MS. PERINO: Yes, they hold it until after it’s already published.

THE PRESIDENT: I got you. That’s presuming they read Japanese papers.

MS. PERINO: Toby does.


First of all, I’m looking forward to this. …



Q Hello.


Q Nikkei is economic newspaper, so let’s talk about economy.

THE PRESIDENT: You’re an economic newspaper.

Q Yes.

THE PRESIDENT: You’re “The Wall Street Journal.” (Laughter.)

Q More famous than “The Wall Street Journal.”

THE PRESIDENT: More famous. (Laughter.) Well, that’s good.


So — is anybody going to ask me about Bobby Valentine? (Laughter.) You don’t even know who Bobby Valentine is. He was the old coach of the Rangers who’s a manager of one of the Japanese baseball teams, and he’s done very well in Japan. People like Bobby, don’t they?

Q Yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, he’s — last time I was in Japan Bobby was there at the airport with Mr. Oh. (Laughter.)

Q Oh. (Laughter.)


Oishi. Another economic question?

Q You must be the most excellent expert on oil business.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. (Laughter.) Look where our price is. (Laughter.)