Burj Dubai Delayed Again, Emirate Thinks About Bidding on 2020 Olympics


Adrian Smith‘s Burj Dubai tower might be the tallest building in the world, but what use is the title if no one can even enter it? A while back, we’d heard that the Burj was set to open in September. Then that was moved back to early December. And now the latest update puts its opening on January 4th, delayed to help mark the anniversary of Dubai’s ruler’s appointment as head of the emirate. Given their track record, we’re not going to hold our breath. In other Dubai news, despite what has seemed like a total collapse of their economy, with construction stopping and developers fleeing and the aforementioned ruler of the emirate calling for massive investigations into bounced checks, Dubai has announced that they will begin discussing putting in a bid for the 2020 Olympics. Seems like maybe not the wisest move, considering all the troubles they’ve had over this past year and a half, but they certainly do have ample lodging available and what we hear are lovely beaches and other bits of scenic, so who knows?