Burger King’s Subservient Chicken Is Back On The Viral Charts

Also, don’t forget to thank your mom

In honor of his 10th anniversary, Burger King has resurrected Subservient Chicken by explaining what happened to the bizzare poultry spokesperson during his downtime. The audience response is mixed, but they seem to be intrigued: The ad has been viewed 6.4 million times on YouTube since April 30.

The redemption tale catches us up with the midadventures of the plucky fellow, who first pecked his way into the limelight in 2001 as part of a digital campaign for the fast food joint. Since then, it went downhill for the Burger King's star, who found himself exploited in a seedy lucha libre wrestling ring and had to resort to buying alcohol for minors to make ends meet. But, perhaps the creepiest part of the ad is when Subservient Chicken drinks egg yolks as part of a cannibalistic workout routine.

Capitalizing on Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday kids!) Procter & Gamble brought back a heartwarming 2011 ad that narrates a mom’s dedication and belief in her daughter. The brand conglomerate worked with Special Olympics for the video, and will match any donations to the organization through June 1, up to $200,000.

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