Building Designer Vs. Architect: Who Knew?


What do you call someone who draws together the plans to put together a building? Well, here’s an interesting bit of information to expand your knowledge from writer Glenn Murray: “Architect or Building Designer?” So, apparently, completely unknown to us, there are two different kinds, or at least there are in Australia, where Murray is writing from. The difference? One is certified, while the other, the “building designer,” well, technically anyone can call themselves “a building designer.” There’s the difference. But professionally, the two actually coexist, according to Murray, who not only explains the whole thing, but also gives a nice little Q&A at the end. Here’s some:

Q: Are architects more expensive?
A: Not necessarily. An architect will work to your budget like a building designer. They can do anything from a simple design to very complex interior and exterior detailing to superintendence of the building process. Your building costs and ongoing running costs may also be less. For example, find out if your architect is incorporating cost-saving measures into the building process. They may also design to take advantage of natural lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling, etc. which will save you less in electricity.