Newspaper Delivery Man Makes Hemp Headlines

Done in by anonymous sources.

The New York Post is showing uncommon headline restraint with its pick-up of some larcenous activity in Buffalo. After all, we’re talking about a 58-year-old The Buffalo News delivery man who allegedly was selling marijuana on the side of his paper route.

No “Ganja! Ganja! Weed All About It!” headline here. From the item:

Douglas Lukehart was pulled over at about 6 a.m. [Saturday] after violating an unspecified traffic law on Olean Road in Holland. The deputy then realized Lukehart was a person of interest in the ongoing drug-related complaints, authorities said.

Another deputy and a canine unit then searched Lukehart’s vehicle and found a bag of marijuana inside a stack of newspapers.

The cops had previously received anonymous tips about a newspaper delivery person selling drugs in this manner. A statement by the News confirmed the paper has ended its contractual relationship with Lukehart.