A Scene Straight Out of The Day After Tomorrow

BuffaloNewsFrontWebPageTeaseThe photo crowning Buffalo News staff reporter Barbara O’Brien’s article “Stuck 30 Hours on Thruway: ‘He Just Feels Abandoned’ is crazy enough. But the quotes from folks trapped for more than a day on a westbound section of the Interstate near Exit 56 are even crazier:

“I haven’t eaten for a day and a half,” said Samuel Martin, a 49-year-old trucker from Silverton, Oregon…

“I almost feel like he’s my best friend at this point. Letting me in his car, pretty much saved my life,” said Shawn Daley, 39, adding that several other motorists declined to let him in before he asked Steven Ratcliff

“Somebody can reach his father like that with a snowmobile, but no one in the county could get people out to help these people,” Joanne Pinkoske said.

That last quote, from the wife of a man who finally got out of this New York State Thruway snow mess this morning, is a reference to the overnight rescue of another stranded motorist.

Buffalo, we feel for you. The week before Thanksgiving, this is simply insane and something all New York City residents should remember the next time they start complaining about the weather. Read the rest of O’Brien’s report, gathered with help from colleague Aaron Besecker, here.