Bryan Adams’ First Concert Was David Bowie

One of a number of celebrity recollections culled for iHeartRadio's tribute station.

It doesn’t get much better than writing a blog post about David Bowie while listening to the Bowie tribute channel in question.

For iHeartRadio’s 24-7 stream of the work of the man born David Robert Jones, the thoughts of famous artists have been gathered and recorded. Some of these are also highlighted in an associated blog post and the one that really jumped out to us is from Bryan Adams:

“In 1974, I went to one of my first concerts, actually it might have been 1973 thinking about it. I was living in Ottawa in Canada, and the word on the street was David Bowie was coming to town. He’d already had a bunch of records out that were huge and the tour he was doing at the time was the Diamond Dogs Tour and I ended up working with his musical director many years later; Michael Kamen on some songs but, getting back to the show. It was a great show. It was the first show I’d ever seen.”

Kamen passed away in 2003. Other artists who chatted with iHeartRadio when they came in to record guest DJ spots, about Bowie, include Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes, Seal and Alabama Shakes lead singer Brittany Howard. The David Bowie Tribute channel, launched Monday, also mingles with the greatest hits various comments from Bowie himself.

P.S. Adams was right with the first date. The Bowie show he saw took place on June 15, 1974. The Ottawa Civic Centre stop was in fact one of the very first on the Diamond Dogs North American itinerary.