Brulliard to Africa

An internal Washington Post announcement, obtained by FishbowlDC:

    We’re pleased to announce that Karin Brulliard will be our next correspondent in southern Africa, succeeding Craig Timberg, who’s just finished a four-year tour and is heading out to a book leave.

    Karin is among a group of rotating Metro reporters who contributed to our distinguished coverage of the war in Iraq. She served in the Baghdad bureau from March to May, 2007. Her work included a shocking page one story about the miserable medical conditions faced by wounded Iraqi soldiers.

    Karin will help us pioneer a new model of foreign correspondence — roving the region in search of news and enterprise. We expect to load extra cell phones, a laptop, wireless cards and lots of chocolate into her backpack.

    She will be on the road often. She’ll have a bureau-residence in Johannesburg but we hope she’ll spend most of her time exploring this vast and fascinating territory.

    Karin grew up in Eugene, Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon. She taught English in Ecuador and 4th grade in Houston before joining the Post in 2003 as an editorial aide in Austin, where she attended a master’s program in Latin American studies at the University of Texas.

    She came to Metro as an intern in the Alexandria bureau, then covered cops and courts in Loudoun County. Since 2006 she’s been a regional immigration reporter.

    We expect Karin to hit the ground running after Labor Day.