Report: Bruce Springsteen Scores Huge Autobiography Deal

Simon & Schuster is said to have paid in the Megyn Kelly range.

SpringsteenNewsweekCoverThere have been some big book deals recently involving Megyn Kelly and Amy Schumer. Now, according to New York Post columnist Richard Johnson, Simon & Schuster has lined up Bruce Springsteen for another.

Per Johnson’s sources, the advance for The Boss’ upcoming autobiography is upwards of $10 million. The timing could also have something to do with a related tome:

Springsteen may have decided to go back to writing his story after his longtime aide Obie Dziedzic announced last spring that she was writing a memoir about life with the Boss and the E Street Band.

Dziedzic — who has been called Springsteen’s “No. 1 fan” — helped the musician purchase his first car and first house, and got him to eat a healthier diet of vegetables and salad.

Her book has his blessings. His book will have more readers.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone’s David Fricke, here’s how Springsteen described his process of writing a song. The challenge of a book will perhaps be similar:

“Writing is like being hungry. It’s a drive — a primal drive. It’s not anything else. When it’s there, you do it. Usually, you’re trying to figure something out, make sense of some part of your life, something you’re seeing, something you’re experiencing, the world. “Wow, I need to contextualize this experience.” That’s when the hunger comes up, and you find yourself searching, searching, searching. That’s when songs tend to come.”

Update (11:45 a.m.):
Simon & Schuster and Springsteen have quickly followed up Johnson’s item with more info. The book is titled Born to Run and will be released Sept. 27:

Springsteen has been privately writing the autobiography over the past seven years. He began work in 2009, after performing with the E Street Band at the Super Bowl’s halftime show.

“This is the book we’ve been hoping for,” said Jonathan Karp, publisher of Simon & Schuster. “Readers will see their own lives in Springsteen’s extraordinary story, just as we recognize ourselves in his songs.”

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