Brownstein’s Debut

The Note welcomes him to the op-ed world:

    Politics of Ron Brownstein’s move to the op-ed page:

    In his much-anticipated debut on the op-ed pages of the Los Angeles Times, Ron Brownstein cites the criticism of “General Pelosi” recently offered by his own newspaper’s editorial board and writes that Democratic attempts to cut off war funding are better understood not as a “realistic blueprint” for ending the war but rather as a “two-by-four” to catch the attention of a president who usually negotiates only when he’s left with no other choice and who sometimes resists even then. LINK

    Brownstein concludes his column thusly: “For now, Bush probably can win the legislative skirmishes over Iraq. But a shrewder president would seek to preempt them by pursuing a new consensus on a war that is tearing apart two countries.”