Brooklyn’s Real Life Dr. Nick


This is why we need local newspapers.

Both the Daily News and the Post tell the story of “Dr.” Felix Poperetchny, a Brighton Beach dentist who botched oral surgery on a 71-year-old woman. She began foaming at the mouth and passed out in his chair; afterwards, the “doctor” dumped her on the curb.

Colette Villemin is on life support at Coney Island Hospital. She suffered heart and brain damage. Prosecutors say she is likely to die.

And Poperetchny wasn’t a dentist. At all.

When cops came to arrest Poperetchny, they found him throwing pages from an appointment diary out the window.

Wednesday morning, the younger George Raynor went to Alma Family Dental Services on Brighton Beach Blvd. and spoke to a woman working at a store on the ground floor of the dental office. She said she saw the dentist put a woman, his mom, on the street. “The dentist brought her down,” the woman told him. “She was sitting on the sidewalk and they closed the door.”
Primitivo Ahuatl, 31, the food vendor who found Villemin on Tuesday, said she was slouched on a stoop, her mouth foaming. “Her eyes were closed, her face was too red,” he said.
The younger Raynor said he went to Poperetchny’s office and confronted another doctor leaving with a bag of documents. “I tried to stop him, but he didn’t want to talk to me,” the son said.

No signs of a piece as yet in the Times.