Broadcast Salaries Hardly Moved In 2009

In local TV news? You probably saw an average raise of about 2.5 percent. If you’re in radio, your salary changed very little, if at all.

That’s the takeaway from the RTDNA/Hofstra annual salary survey of 1355 TV stations and 301 radio stations.

But, compared with salaries in 2008, which fell 4.4 percent for local TV news and 1.8 percent, flat seems positively fantastic, And, as survey director and Hofstra professor of journalism Bob Papper says, “With negative inflation in 2009, even flat salaries mean no loss in buying power.”

Overall, TV reporter, managing editor, and art director salaries rose by 10 percent, offset by drops elsewhere, like in sports reporting.

In radio, news directors, reporters, producers and sports reporters saw their salaries rise slightly, offset by the small drop in news and sports anchor salaries.