Record and Broadcast Live Video with Live Reporter

The smartphone has become an indispensable tool for capturing news in the field. We’ve covered ways to use your iPhone as a reporting tool here on 10,000 Words, but with Android nearing 50% market share worldwide, Google’s operating system is proving to be a viable alternative for mobile reporting. With well over 250,000 apps in the Android Market, storytellers have a plethora of choices for publishing their stories to the world. One app which recently caught my eye is Live Reporter, which lets you capture, publish, save, and broadcast live video directly from your Android device.

Usage of the app requires an account with the LivingScoop website, and registration takes less than a minute. Once registered, any videos you broadcast will be published there and your audience can either watch them on the LivingScoop website, or you can embed them on your own site or share them on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or via email.

The Live Reporter interface is very simple. Once you’re logged in, there are just three buttons to navigate the app. Select the Create new stream button, select the appropriate video category from the 20+ categories listed, add an optional description, then select the I’m ready to stream! Let’s go button. Select the Go live now button, and you’re ready to broadcast. While the live video creation process could be smoother, keep in mind that once the video has been published, you can easily change any of this information.

While there are other live video apps on Android — Ustream, Qik and are just a few — Live Reporter dubs itself as “the first and only video sharing site with unlimited free speech and freedom of all expressions”. Live Reporter is currently available in the Android Market, and requires Adobe AIR for installation.

Download Live Reporter | Download Adobe AIR