British GQ Puts One Direction on Cover, One Direction Fans Get Very Mad

British GQ just unveiled their September issue, featuring the members of the very talented and not at all flash in the pan boy band, One Direction. The reaction from their fans, called “Directioners” (yes we’re serious), has been instense. And not in a good way.

The tweets have come fast and furious, with most upset about Harry Style’s cover, which calls him “Up all night to get lucky.” The Directioners didn’t like that at all, and so they unleashed their preteen angst upon GQ and GQ staffers. Here’s a roundup of some of the best reactions.

Threatening to break a nail file is serious business. Try finding a two pack of those for under $2.50. You can’t!

Mental note: Magazine editor doesn’t qualify as a proper job.

Yes, it CERtainLY does.

Wait, don’t you have to die before you get to hell? If you find yourself in hell and you’re not dead, you’ve got problems.

Or maybe you’re just at a One Direction concert. We kid! Please don’t bomb the Mediabistro offices.