Britain’s Daily Mail Busted Lifting Stories from California Papers

Only a few weeks after Romenesko busted Britain’s Daily Mail for plagiarizing the New York Times, it looks like the English tabloid is up to it again. The SF Weekly caught the Daily Mail lifting whole quotes, facts and characters from their recent cover story on illegal immigration. The Daily Mail offered no links back to the SF Weekly’s original story and didn’t offer any attribution, aside from a brief mention in the 18th graph. The cut and paste job story was published under an anonymous byline.

Writes SF Weekly‘s Lauren Smiley:

The article proceeds to rephrase our sentences, lift our quotes verbatim, and even write snappy sidebars about the visa-seeking San Francisco-based immigrants — Rosa Aguilar and Adolfo Lopez, you’ve gone international! — profiled in our original story. …No link or anything. Wow, thanks.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the SF Weekly noticed that a blog called Tabloid Watch caught the DM plagiarizing the LA Times back in January of 2010.

These Limeys sure are slow to pick up on the ethics of the Internet. How tough is it to link? That’s really all it takes, along with a mention. Jeez, we’re amazed we don’t hear more stories about British newspapers folding, with geniuses like this at the helm.

H/T Romenesko