Brit Papers Go Ga-Ga Over Times “Drunkorexia” Trend

0317pogue.jpgDrunkorexia, everyone’s favorite New York Times-inspired fake disease, has crossed the pond.

We proudly introduce this fine primo piece of scare journalism from the Daily Mail
Drunkorexia: The worrying phenomenon where young women replace food with booze. That article came out yesterday, the same day as The Independent‘s ‘Drunkorexics’ offset calories by skipping meals.

At least the Times of London beat all their fellow Fleet Streeters to the punch with I’m drunk but I’m thin — at least, hic, I think I am — which came out a full three days after the original New York Times piece.

But where did the Times steal the “drunkorexia” idea from? The earliest mass media mention we could find was a December 2007 mention on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. If anyone knows of an earlier article/television segment, by all means let us know.