Brentwood Meets Iraq

What happens when a dumb neighborhood magazine tries to tackle grave world affairs? This. The current issue of Brentwood Magazine includes an account from comedienne Jennifer Rawlings (whom you may remember from her role as Casmir in ‘The Vampire Hunters Club’) about her USO tour:

I NEVER SMOKE …UNLESS OF COURSE I’M in a war zone …in Iraq. And that’s exactly where I spent 12 days this spring. I entertained the troops by telling them jokes, of course.

As a standup comedienne, I went to Iraq equipped with nothing but my material — nothing like a solid 30 minutes of comedy to battle the enemy. Given the circumstances, who cares about a couple of Marlboro Reds between mortar rounds? Light up and enjoy.

I think this is why they hate us. (And by ‘they’, I don’t mean Muslim extremists, I mean people in Manhattan.)