Brekke Fletcher Heads To Newsweek/Daily Beast

Although the deal to merge Newsweek and The Daily Beast has yet to be officially consummated, Tina Brown has not missed a beat in stocking her arsenal with plenty of writing and editing talent.  Yesterday FBNY reported that Newsweek/Daily Beast added New Republic veteran reporter Michelle Cottle and now NY Post’s Media Ink informs us that Brown has scooped up Maxim managing editor Brekke Fletcher.

Maxim editor-in-chief Joe Levy sent a memo out to staffers letting them know that Fletcher will leave behind some big shoes to fill:

We lose a trusted colleague, a skilled editor, a guardian of our brand identity, and a woman who shakes a mean martini. Brekke made each and every page of this magazine better, smarter and funnier, and she made everyone’s job here more fun and easier. She leaves us all much better for her tireless work and effort. She will be missed.