Breitbart Lets it Rip on Eve of CPAC

Give Andrew Breitbart a plate of spare ribs and a goblet of red wine and he’s yours for as long as you want him. In fact, he’ll stay up until 5 or 6 in the morning telling you what he thinks about a whole host of things on his mind. Hey, if we’re going to do that, can we at least have some ribs and wine too?

For now, it’s 8 p.m. on Wednesday night — CPAC eve — and Breitbart, a publisher who runs six websites, is just getting warmed up. He’s at home at “The Embassy” (the townhouse he and his business partner, Larry, call “home” in Washington) for a book party on digital kids books that focus on family values like hard work and patriotism. Larry is a little freaked out about by my miniature blue notebook and pen but soon enough he gets over it. No one is talking about those kiddie books. Certainly not Breitbart.

He’s chilling in the parlor in a masculine rich brown leather armchair. His exquisite mop of gray curls sets off nicely against his attire, a pale blue button down, faded blue jeans and dark loafers, and his eyes, a crystalline blue.

For starters, Breitbart in person is not Breitbart online. He dominates every room he enters with his emotional and physical presence, but he’s warm and hospitable — and quite the goofball. He knows the perception is off. “All these bastards in media who meet me like me because they know I won’t lie,” he says. But not all like him, not even on the right, and he knows it. Hence the bodyguard he’ll have as he attends CPAC this week. He doesn’t like to think about danger too much. He jokingly mentions weapons he carries that include a “bazooka, a dog feces catapult and horse urine balloons.” He gives a nod to his publicist on the dog feces line and makes sure she thinks it’s funny. At two or three junctures in our conversation, he prefaces what he is about to say by declaring that THIS will be the most shocking thing I hear from him all night. In those moments, I brace myself for news that he once ate a live chicken including the beak and then he inevitably tells me something comparatively benign.

But Breitbart, even at his least shocking, is anything but benign…

In some respects, Breitbart could make a killing by producing a CD of stories. There could be “Weinergate — the weekend that could have ruined my life,” “Weinergate, the weekend that could have destroyed my marriage,” and “Up in the Air with MMFA’s Eric Boehlert – Five hours of Bliss.”

For now, that doesn’t exist. Nonetheless, the Breitbart Variety Show is about to begin.

As the man who launched Weinergate with that infamous underwear shot, he looks back on the ordeal with an eye of wonder. “It wasn’t until the heroic Dana Bash jumped into the fray and said this is bullshit” that things began to take off, he’s saying in a long outpouring on the matter. “Everything in this town is go along to get along. When you do your job I am going to stand right behind you, even if I had a problem with you two weeks ago.” He continues praising Bash, saying, “Dana Bash was a pretty good experience for me. I could imagine the pressure she felt going after a New York liberal congressman. I believe it took political courage to do what she did.”

He says he’s “appalled” and “flummoxed” by the Roland Martin saga. Yesterday CNN suspended the analyst after making what some believed to be homophobic slurs about a Super Bowl ad. “Black used to outweigh gay in terms of who was a greater aggrieved class,” says Breitbart. At this point he tells me he’s about to BLOW MY MIND (chicken images persist). He tells me Mark Atlan, the French graphic designer who helped create the David Beckham undie commercial that is at the center of the Martin scandal, is his brother-in-law. “Everything he does causes this kind of uproar,” he says, noting his soul mate status in his life.”I find political correctness to be grotesque.”