Cruise-Holmes Scientology Spoof Gathering Steam in Chicago

The buzz is growing for The TomKat Project, a bare-bones stage show running through April 24 at the Playground Theater in Chicago. Scientology watcher Tony Ortega let his readers know about it this morning and Tribune theater critic Nina Metz has just given the production a “Genius” rave:

It matters very little that Brianna Baker bears no meaningful resemblance to either Oprah Winfrey or Cruise attorney Bert Fields; she inhabits both with real skill and technique. This might be the best Winfrey impression I’ve seen, one that doesn’t overplay its hand but perfectly embodies her vocal tics and regal self-regard.

The Brandon Ogborn script sources media coverage of Cruise and Holmes from 1998 through 2012 to skewer celebrity journalism as much as it does Scientology. Ortega’s tipster, Synthia Fagen, says that Ogborn has told her there may be some interest from Comedy Central. [Editor’s note: Please see reader comments below.]

The cast consists of just seven actors. Walt Delaney is Tom, Julie Dahlinger is Kat and Micah Sterenberg plays a range of roles that includes David Miscavige, Tom Hanks and Josh Hartnett(!) There’s also a Suri Cruise in this Ogborn-narrated production; that’s one of Allison Yolo‘s assignments.

Update – 04/08/13: Fagen has followed up with a long, fun Ogborn Q&A for Ortega’s site. Read it here.

[Poster image courtesy The Playground Theater]