Branded Content Studio’s Study Reveals Branded Content is Fantastic

Everyone loves ads.

T Brand Studio, The New York Times’ in-house sponsored content agency, wants you to know that sponsored content is great.

The agency partnered with Chartbeat to analyze its native advertising, and the results showed that not only do people enjoy sponsored content, they enjoy the sponsored content created by T Brand Studio the most.

Native ads from T Brand Studio were analyzed for unique visitors, total engagement and visits from Facebook, Twitter and Google. Sponsored content created by third party advertisers that ran on the Times’ site was analyzed as well. The ads created by the Times outperformed the ads created by advertisers in each category. Also, some of the Times sponsored ads fared well when compared with Times editorial content.

Everyone at T Brand Studio, please pat yourselves on the back. Everyone who engages with native ads, consider finding a hobby.

We’re having fun with this report, but the research is helpful for the Times. Ads are rarely exciting, but they do help keep the lights on.