NBC Nightly News Staffer Tweets Out Pictures of Horrific Midtown Taxicab Accident

On a normal workday, writer Bradd Jaffy is mainly concerned on Twitter with co-manning the @NBCNightlyNews feed.* But today, due to some ghastly 49th Street and 6th Avenue circumstances, it was his personal account grabbing the headlines.

Within minutes of Jaffy tweeting out some 30 Rock pictures of a wayward taxicab injury scene, some showing Dr. Oz, he was being contacted via Twitter by journalists. Gothamist’s Christopher Robbins and Juan Arellano of the New York Post were first to get in touch, in the latter case for example leading to this multiple-photo use.

Today’s midtown events are sadly reminiscent of a Venice Beach, CA boardwalk incident that claimed the life of an Italian newlywed tourist. The injured British female visitor had only just arrived in Manhattan last night.

Other media outlets requesting permission from Jaffy via Twitter have so far included The Huffington Post, Daily News and MSN. According to that aforementioned Post article, the quick actions of a pizza truck driver and plumber at the scene likely saved the young woman’s life. She was transported to Bellevue Hospital, where all efforts will surely be made to re-attach the foot that was severed. Astoundingly, the limb extremity was quickly put on ice in a bucket by a nearby hot dog vendor.

*Correction (August 21):
A previous version of this post incorrectly referred to Jaffy as a digital writer-producer and wrongly stated that he also co-manned the @NBCNews Twitter feed. FishbowlNY apologizes for the errors.