Sports Website Apologizes for Appalling J-KO

At the top of the list of people it could be most dangerous to get information wrong about is professional boxers. Not so much that these athletes will hunt you down, but rather, if-when you run into them at a subsequent event, it could get a little “tussle-y” with the pugilist and-or their entourage.

Now… multiply that scenario by 18 and it produces the J-KO (our acronym for Journalism Knockout) that took place at website They’re blaming another outlet, but still:

Earlier today, Boxscore ran a report from The Boxing Observer claiming that 18 boxers tested positive following the September 12, 2013 matches in Las Vegas. Upon further review and follow-up, Boxscore news editors have deemed this story was based incorrectly on an earlier email from an official of the Las Vegas Boxing Commission…

According to Las Vegas Boxing Commission officials, all 18 boxers who participated in the September 12 matches tested NEGATIVE, not positive, for drug use.

The erroneous report has been removed from the site. Our final thoughts: too bad the email didn’t involve 18 chess players; and the next Vegas boxing match on-site coverage assignment at Boxscore should go to whoever pulls the short straw. Ding ding!