Borough Fakes Right, Fakes Left! They Score! Nike Pays!


What’s the one thing as a designer you should be hoping happens to you? That’s right, that Nike will come in, sees your design, rips you off, and then you get a choice, out-of-court settlement for loads and loads of money. Same applies if you’re a borough in London. And it did apply yesterday, as Nike settled, out-of-court, to the tune of $300,000, because it had “borrowed” the town of Hackney’s logo for use on shirts, balls, and other sporting paraphernalia. So they’ve slapped their heads, gotten out their Checkbook of Infinity, and paid the town a healthy sum. Here’s a bit:

A Nike spokesman said they had intended to celebrate the “football heritage and culture” of Hackney Marshes – home to 87 football pitches. “In doing so, we inadvertently used imagery that included the council’s logo,” he said.

“This was done in good faith and not as a deliberate act. However, we recognize the concern this has caused Hackney Council and we are pleased this matter has now been concluded.”