Book Party Promises to be ‘F@&%ing Good Time’

If it lives up to even a quarter of its promises, tonight’s book party at Busboys & Poets is sure to be a hoot. “I’m going to get drunk and talk about my ex girlfriend who dumped me and how Wisconsin helped me recover from a bad breakup,” Labor journalist Mike Elk told FishbowlDC. “I have invited multiple women with whom I have had on and off again relationships so it should be interesting to say the least.”

To say the least.

The book is, We Are Wisconsin.  In it is an edgy essay about Elk’s experience covering Wisconsin entitled “On An Ex-Girlfriend, a 96 Year Old Labor Journalist, And Burning Down the Forest”. He promises the talk will be funny and entertaining and may involve consuming copious amounts of whiskey.

Meanwhile, the event tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Busboys & Poets on 5th K has an added bonus: Slate and FBDC budding BFF Dave Weigel is on the panel. How could we possibly miss that?

“Most books written about the labor movement are only good to use for toliet paper in the many union headquarters throughout this town,” Elk said over email. “We Are Wisconsin however is truly a shitkicking good time with essays by regular people, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Slate’s Dave Weigel, Mother Jones’ Andy Kroll and myself. It’s groundbreaking in the way it fucking incorporates tweets into the book in order to tell the story as opposed to long boring fucking essays by lefties who haven’t gotten laid in way too long. The event next at Busboys promises to be an equally shitkicking event. Im trying to talk Busboys in to give a special on whiskey cause I am going to need a lot. Come hear me swear, tell entertaining stories about covering Wisconsin, my ex girlfriend, and explain what the hell talking about my ex girlfriend has to do with reviving the labor movement. Should be a fucking good time”.

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