Book Party: Best Friends at the Bar

Author Susan Smith Blakely, GlobalWIN and Georgetown Law will host the Washington, DC launch of Best Friends at the Bar: The New Balance for Today’s Woman Lawyer, along with media partner Ms. JD.
The party is Thursday, September 27, 2012 from 6pm – 8pm in the Edward Bennett Williams Law Library Atrium at Georgetown Law. Lerch Early and Brewer and Polsinelli Stughart is sponsoring the event.
The book, the second in its series, explores the ever delicate balance between a woman’s career law and her personal life and is relatable for all women working in male-dominated professions (wink! wink! female journos, White House and Capitol Hill women). Blakely challenges women to create their own definitions of success and heralds the theme that women can have it all, just not all at the same time.
Forget about boozing or sexual themes — there aren’t any. This is about the trials and tribulations having a law career and raising a fam. “No shades of grey here,” cracked Publicist Jessica Hoy.