Bonnier Shutters Popular Photography Magazine

Issue hitting newsstands March 10 will be the last

The memo went out Monday. And the final print artifact will arrive Friday.

Popular Photography magazine, launched in New York with a May 1937 issue, is bowing to the age of Instagram. Bonnier Corp. gave it a valiant effort, switching last year to a bi-monthly publication schedule. But even that couldn’t keep the publication afloat.

A frisky first cover
Courtesy: Bonnier Corp.

The March/April issue of Popular Photography closes out an 80-year run. What’s somewhat more unusual is per PetaPixel, the accompanying website is also going to soon be retired. Because when everyone is a photographer with a camera phone in-hand 24/7, there’s not much need for

As part of the move, Bonnier is also suspending online operations for what used to be American Photo magazine. The site may stay live for a while, but no new content will be added after this week.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.