Bodhi Tree Bookstore To Close

West Hollywood bookstore Bodhi Tree recently announced plans to shutter the business in a year’s time. The little book shop, which specializes in spiritual and metaphysical works, has enjoyed tremendous popularity and acclaim during its 40 year history. But the changing times have taken their toll. From the LA Weekly:

“Twenty years ago we felt like it was an expanding situation,” says [store co-founder Stan Madson]. “We were concerned the store was getting too big. We had a staff of 100. Publishing was expanding. Spirituality was expanding. But what changed was that the market became widely dispersed.”

Books on Wicca and Astrology and Native American shamanism used to be tough to find. But now every Borders and Barnes & Noble carries a significant selection of religious, spiritual and New Age literature. And what can’t be bought at a bricks and mortar shop can undoubtedly be found online at Amazon. For cheap.

The Bodhi Tree in the early seventies. More photos can be found at the Bodhi Tree website.