Boards Awards Hordes

boards.jpgAt a “New Directors'” breakfast this morning at Soho House (yes, again) for would-be directors of TV commercials. If “advertising is the ultimate post-modern art form,” as stated by Aaron Royer, director of production Grey Worldwide, then we guess the people who make the ads are the trendsetters. Which means hats are the new black. Because Philip Fox-Mills, executive producer of RSA Films, was wearing a Bogie-like chapeau, and Dan Morales, Creative Director of Taxi, was wearing a Yankee cap, and at least three other men were wearing knit caps.

The sausage was mysterious but the message was pretty straightforward: If you’re wanting to be a commercial director, your reel better contain samples that look like commercials, have a style, and maybe have commercials like the kind they want.

Most fun we had was finding out about the Toronto-based magazine Boards, which is not the surfer chic rag we used to flip through when we hung out with southern Californians, but rather about producing commercials. There are lots of commercials, especially foreign ones, on the site. They’re also doing a new awards gig tomorrow night in New York, if you feel like feeling like one of the advertising cognoscenti.