Blum Ready To Take On Voice

The new editorial director and EIC of New York Press, David Blum, in today’s NYT, notes that once upon a time the Village Voice hired “new young, fresh voices.” He had no comment, to be sure, on his own firing from that other free weekly. In his new role, Blum, who left the Voice in March, is looking forward to competing against his former employer. From the NYT:

“‘I want to make the Press as fresh and unpredictable as possible,’ he said in a telephone interview. ‘I tried to do that at the Village Voice, but I didn’t have enough time at the Voice to achieve the goals that I had at the paper. But here I will … I am excited to be working with a publisher and an owner who lives in New York, who knows the city extremely well,’ he said. ‘I think that will be a big plus for the Press — and for me.'”

Presumably this time his new position will allow his editorial voice to reach “Joe Jones from Flatbush.”

— Ron Mwangaguhunga


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