Blouin Media Accused of Not Paying Freelancers

Freelancing can be annoying. You often have to find the stories, in order to possibly get paid, and often the payment doesn’t come for a month or so after the story publishes. But to not get paid at all? Well, come on, that’s just wrong.

That’s what a group called Writers Angry At Artinfo Not Kidding Around Anymore (WAAANKAA) has claimed. According to WAAANKAA, the New York publisher Louise Blouin Media hasn’t paid them for published work. Formally known as LBT Media, the publishing company releases the magazine Art + Auction and
“I think it is absolutely disgraceful that they were assigning stories even when they knew they were not paying for past stories,” said co-founder of WAAANKAA Caroline Ryder to the New York Post.
According to Post writer Keith Kelly, The group claims the publisher, which is owned by one of the richest women in Britain, Louise Blouin, stopped paying freelancers after a deal for Yahoo! to purchase fell through.
The company’s response seems to indicate it’s true. “Like many companies, we have been adjusting our payment cycles to more closely align with the timing of our actual revenues,” said president of Blouin Media Ben Hartley.
Hartley did say the freelancers would receive payment, but did not specify when, according to Kelly. Well, there’s one place not to send the old resume.