Bloomberg’s Russell Finally Gets Around to Hating John Silber


We’re not exactly sure why Bloomberg‘s architecture critic, James S. Russell, is just now reviewing John Silber‘s book Architecture of the Absurd, seeing as it’s been out for months and months now (maybe the publisher new he’d give it a lousy review? or his stack of mail is absurdly large?). Whatever the case, although it’s kind of old news, Silber’s book we mean, Russell spins it in a kind of unique way, turning the criticism onto writer himself, showing all the buildings that Silber thinks are the cream of the crop, like Boston University’s School of Management or the Sydney Opera House, and saying, in effect, “You really think these buildings are so great?! Ha! I laugh because these are certainly not great buildings! And here’s why…” then proceeding to give the details of their various failings. It’s an interesting approach in disagreeing with Silber, beyond most of what we’d read when the book first came out, which was essentially, “Dude, you’re way, way wrong about this.” Except, of course, from Tom Wolfe and Prince Charles.