Bloomberg Hits the D.C. Radio Waves

Say hello to Bloomberg 99.1.

If you’re in Washington or Baltimore, you can now listen to Bloomberg on the radio, announced the financial, policy and politics site today. Under an agreement, CBS Radio is leasing WNEW FM 99.1 in Washington and 105.7 FM HD-2 in Baltimore to Bloomberg Radio, which will provide 24/7 programming on those channels.

The plans for the exact mix of shows are still being worked out, but currently the content largely comes from Bloomberg Radio’s 22-year-old flagship New York station, WBBR 1130 AM, although there may be Washington-specific programming coming in the future.

Radio work isn’t a foreign concept for Bloomberg’s Washington bureau staff, who regularly appear on Bloomberg Radio to provide Washington coverage, and have already appeared in several segments since the launch today.

The station, called Bloomberg 99.1, will provide yet another distribution platform for Mark Halperin and John Heilemann‘s With All Due Respect, which the station will air as a simulcast weekdays at 5 p.m. ET. It will also continue to broadcast Wizards basketball games as its predecessor did.

The expansion into radio continues the Washington bureau’s efforts to reach its D.C. audience on as many fronts as it can.

This is the fourth radio station and the first FM station for Bloomberg, which also airs in New York, Boston, and the Bay area.