Bloggers Beware: Precedent-Setting Case About to Begin

cutler-thumb.jpgYou just knew the big case that decides what can and can’t be published on blogs was going to involve politicians and sex. Jessica Cutler, aka Washingtonienne, is being dragged into court for dragging the names of big, important men into the mud. (Jessica learned the hard way that men love it when we spank them, but hate it when we blog about it).

The big, important man in question is Robert Steinbuch, former legal counsel for Republican senator Mike DeWine who started having an affair with Cutler when she was an intern in DeWine’s office.

As HuffPo reports:

“Cutler’s case is unique in that libel is not an issue; necessarily (and somewhat astonishingly) the plaintiff admits the truth of every salacious detail she wrote about him. But the same First Amendment concerns raised by (women’s health activist Ilena) Rosenthal’s case still apply, and a decision against Cutler could have a massive chilling effect for all online postings.”