Blender to Celebrate 5th With ‘Killer’ Ads

Whether it’s the 1000th issue or 4th, magazines tend to find reason to celebrate — and in such a volatile climate for glossies, shouldn’t they?

Slate’s Jack Shafer doesn’t think so. But he harps on the pages, not the parties, which tend to be overly lavish. At one time, we agreed. Now, though, we don’t mind the occasionally overly lavish. Which is why we got a chuckle out of Blender‘s 5th anniversary announcement, which touted not a party — though, undoubtedly, there’ll be one — nor grand statement on their success. Just “Divas, Druggies, The Editor’s 1st Letter and Jerry Garcia’s Toilet.” And all that with 81.54 pages of “killer” ads.

The full announcement:

Blender’s 5th Anniversary Issue — Divas, Druggies, The Editor’s 1st Letter and Jerry Garcia’s Toilet

For its 5th Anniversary Issue, Blender will feature …

the editor-in-chief’s first “Letter from the Editor,” divas, druggies, downloads, lists, rock’s nastiest divorces, the Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry Baby,” Christian rock teens, a mysterious genius rapper from Camden, Kanye West, Billy Joe Armstrong, Mariah Carey, Fall Out Boy, Jerry Garcia’s used toilet, the next Killers record,
and over 100 album reviews.

In other words, it’s business as usual and everything you love.

ON SALE MAY 23, 2006
with 81.54 pages of killer ads, up 48% from last year