Blackman Cruz Receives the Entourage Nod of Approval

We’re still playing TiVo catch-up from the weekend, so it was just last night we managed to watch this week’s episode of “Entourage” where a desk procured from LA’s premiere antiques, furniture and oddities emporium, Blackman Cruz, is a major character. The episode is even named “Gary’s Desk” (as in Gary Busey, it’s a long story) and Blackman Cruz gets listed in the location credits for the episode.

When Vince, Drama and Turtle head out to buy Eric a new desk, a hottie blonde saleswoman–who regretfully does not work at Blackman Cruz in real life–gives Vince and the boys their design primer:

“This is a signed Majorelle built in the 1930’s. Mickey Rooney sat at this desk in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

That would be Louis Majorelle, and the price tag is a mere $42,000. Pop quiz for UnBeige readers: Is it really a Majorelle?

Alas it’s not the sweet Art Deco stylings that entice Vince and the boys. It’s the fact that they’re told the desk was owned by Robert DeNiro, given to him by Martin Scorsese and was only thing salvaged when his Malibu house burned down. SOLD.