Black Pulitzer Winners Respond to Daily Beast’s List of Influential Journos

Daily Beast writer Tunku Varadarajan’s recent list of 25 influential journalists from the left and right has drawn plenty of scrutiny. We here at FBLA noted that Varadarajan’s list of journos didn’t actually have that many journos.

Richard Prince at the Maynard Institute, noticed something else: Neither list has a single black journalist. Prince contacted four Pulitzer Prize winning black journalists to get their response.

“I’d call it myopic, to say the least,” said Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, the 2009 Pulitzer winner for commentary. “But to the extent that this represents a real perception, one has to wonder whether the nation — which after all elected a black president — isn’t far ahead of the media executives who make assignments that create influence.”

Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who won in 2007, said, “These lists, which magazines and websites love to put together, are invariably eccentric, reflecting the views of a small, cliquish group. The writer says he ‘distilled’ interviews with ‘academics, politicians, journalists, and denizens of corporate America.’ That’s probably true. And most of the people he talked to were probably white. It’s the ever-present ‘everybody I know thinks so-and-so’ syndrome.”

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