Half Moon Bay Welcomes Back Birdemic Auteur

On Friday, March 25th, San Jose software salesman James Nguyen returned to Half Moon Bay, the central California filming locale of his 2008 cult hit Birdemic: Shock and Terror, for a low-key screening and celebration.

Shot for $10,000, the wonky, bastard child of The Birds and An Inconvenient Truth has become a Rocky Horror type surprise hit, with audiences singing along and reciting lines of dialogue. At Cameron’s Inn and Restaurant, a Half Moon Bay Patch reporter was there to watch Nguyen return the favor:

Nguyen says some of his sequel, Birdemic II: The Resurrection, will be shot at Cameron Palmer’s family-run Long Branch Saloon and Farms. Palmer and Nguyen danced together, to the film’s hit by Damien Carter, “Just Hanging Out”, while it played onscreen.

Nguyen tells Kaye Katzenberger that some media outlets spent more than his film’s budget to cover his Cinderella cinematic story. He also took time Friday to sign coat hangers for fans, a nod to the scene where hotel guests use them to try and fend off the aviary clan with radioactive droppings.