Madison Avenue vs. Oscar’s Median Age

As might be expected, the Ratner-Murphy-Grazer-Crystal game of Oscar musical chairs is echoing across Madison Avenue. According to Claire Atkinson of the New York Post, brand new AMPAS marketing chief Christina Kounelias (pictured) and her colleagues are scrambling to adjust an ad sales pitch that until recent events at the Arclight and on Howard Stern airwaves, was predicated entirely on Axel Foley.

One of the problems the Oscar marketing gang faces is that the selection of a 63-year-old, traditional format replacement host leaves them challenged to explain how they will fix what happened last year. Despite the presence of a tweeting James Franco and giggling Anne Hathaway, the 2010 Oscars broadcast was a disaster:

Horizon Media researcher Brad Adgate noted that the Oscars broadcast actually aged upwards last year with the median age hitting 50.6 years — the oldest it’s ever been.

Here’s FishbowlLA’s suggestion. If-when Kounelias has to talk to a Madison Ave. minted suit about the 83rd Academy Award numbers, frame the last show in card-carrying member terms. Explaining that the 2010 Oscars appealed to the likes of George Clooney, Peter Jackson, Forest Whitaker, Eddie Murphy (!) and Ricky Gervais (!!) sounds so much better than “50.6”