Bill Press’s Amtrak Hot Dog Warning

Hot dogs off the street can be sketchy, especially when they’re turning round and round on heat lamp rotisseries. They’re described online as made of “meat slurry”. But how about hot dogs on Amtrak?

Lefty radio host Bill Press thinks he may have gotten food poisoning from eating a bad dog on board a train last weekend between Washington, D.C. and Manhattan.

“Not sure how I got it, but my advice is: don’t eat the hot dogs on Amtrak!” Press told FishbowlDC.

Press’s spokesperson reports that he’s feeling better and back in “tip top shape.”

FishbowlDC phoned the Amtrak public relations department in Washington D.C. to request comment on the health and safety of their hot dogs. A response was not offered by FBDC press time but should we receive one we will bring it to you. The press request was taken seriously; a spokesperson wanted the information reported to the food and beverage department of Amtrak.

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