AARP Magazine Scrubs Cosby Mention From Cover [Corrected]

The October/November issue of AARP magazine is a reminder of just how quickly things have come crashing down for Bill Cosby.

Framing a brief excerpt from Mark Whitaker’s biography of the entertainer, the publication references the comedian’s Netflix special (indefinitely postponed) and fall 2015 NBC sitcom plans (canceled) under the headline “A Life of Laughter.” The brief intro blurb also suggests that Cosby’s life is “still all about making people smile.”


Hard copies mailed to subscribers cannot be changed. But online, it’s a different Cosby story.*

There’s no mention in the Table of Contents of the pgs 70-71 item. And whereas the print cover heralds “Bill Cosby Still Making Us Laugh” in-between the legs of Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge, there is on the digital cover a teaser for “5 Money Mistakes to Fix Now!”


*Correction [4:00 p.m.]:
A rep for AARP magazine has explained that the absence of the Cosby cover line reflects their normal and tiered publication process. Even though the digital display of (only) Cover “A” is confusing, that cover they say was pre-planned for the October/November issue.

“AARP publishes three demographically versioned editions of each issue to members,” the spokesperson explains via email. “There are some differences in the editorial content and cover lines for each segmented version of the magazine (A, B, C) to better suit subscribers of different demographics and readership.”

H/T: Marty Chase