Comedians Bemoan the Downfall of Bill Cosby

More comments this week from Kenan Thompson on stage, Louis C.K. on radio and Bill Maher in print.

On Monday, during a performance at the University of Pittsburgh, Kenan Thompson referred to Bill Cosby as a “monster.” On Wednesday, during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Louis C.K. recalled that it was after watching an interview with accuser (and fellow comedy writer) Joan Tarshis that he became convinced the accusations against the comedian were true.

And in a Playboy interview that hit newsstands Friday, Bill Maher was asked about Cosby:

Did the Cosby scandal catch you by surprise, or had you heard rumors on the stand-up circuit?

I was not shocked. In the early to mid-1980s I did a movie – that was during my acting era. There was an attractive young black actress in the movie who told me she had just come off a film with Mr. Cosby, and she said, “He tried to f*ck me the first two weeks, and when it became clear it wouldn’t happen he made every day thereafter a living hell.” I had no reason to doubt it. We had no relationship; she was just telling me. And that always stuck in my mind. Since this shit has come to light, you talk to people who have had dealings with Bill Cosby, and it comes out not that he drugged some girl but that he did some super f*cked-up shit. He’s a crazy f*cker, is what he is. What is it, 30 women accusing him now? He could turn out to be the biggest serial rapist in history.

At press time, Cosby has one comedy performance scheduled: Saturday, May 2, at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta. According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Rodney Ho, if the show goes ahead, several of Cosby’s accusers are planning to attend in protest. Previously scheduled Cosby performances set for next week in Rochester and Albany have been canceled.