The Dude Gets Some Big LA Weekly Love

For fans of The Big Lebowski, it’s Christmas in March thanks to today’s LA Weekly cover package of stories tied to the movie’s 15th anniversary and upcoming local Lebowski Fest. Our personal favorite is the item about the LA home used for scenes involving Ben Gazzara’s pornographer character Jackie Treehorn.

Writer Sam Bloch spoke with James Goldstein, the seventy-ish owner of the Beverly Hills John Lautner spread that doubled as Treehorn’s beachfront party HQ:

For Treehorn’s encounter with the Dude, the crew set up for a three-night shoot. Goldstein “wasn’t thrilled” about a big black sheet being thrown over a glass, which would obscure a view of the Century City skyline. “I am proud of the way the house looks now,” Goldstein says. “I don’t like it when a set designer makes changes just to justify his pay.”

There are exceptions: For a Snoop Dogg video, the crew filmed in Goldstein’s bedroom and replaced a row of his velour and snakeskin cowboy hats with a row of sneakers. “I completely understood the need to Snoopify the house,” he notes.

Case shizzle-closed. There’s also in LA Weekly a West Coast Sound replay of the film’s music, Will Russell‘s vote for the movie’s top five moments (heresy!) and a penis-centric op ed by Nicholas Pell. What more do you want?

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