Big Brands, Big Brains, Big Tuna Fish at Ad Week

Advertising Week descends upon NY in about a month, where you can attend such events as a “global conversation” with chairman & CEO of Omnicom, John Wren or a breakfast hosted by Martha Stewart (hot paroles with jelly, anyone?).

On September 28, the Art Director’s Club has Big Brand Talks, a half-day of all kinds of serious-sounding seminars like Stealth Weapon (design consultant and writer Terry Lee Stone) and Launch Control (CPB’s Colin Drummond).

And finally, for the important stuff. You need to vote, immediately, for your favorite advertising icon. Now choose carefully–these guys will be parading about New York City. Can you imagine what a downer it will be to hang with the Quaker Oats Man or the Morton Salt Girl? Might we suggest the Doublemint Twins (double hotties), Chester Cheetah (he’s definitely stoned) or how about the Kool-Aid Guy? “OH YEAH!”