‘Beverly Hills Cop IV’ Sounds Dreary — Eddie Murphy Thinks So Too

Eddie Murphy isn’t so hot to jump into “Beverly Hills Cop IV,” LatinoReview.com dishes.

Murphy has good reason to be skeptical. The 1984 original was a huge hit for a reason: It was funny. And it took advantage of the comic stylings of a former “Saturday Night Live” regular in Murphy.

It also grossed $316 million worldwide. That was in 1984, which translates to well over $1 billion in 2008 numbers.

Sequels grew more depressing as they appeared. The fish-out-of-water plot of a Detroit cop dislocated to Beverly Hills has grown so weary that even the passel of new writers can’t inject much life.

As El Chavo, who saw an early copy of the script from Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, reports: “It’s almost like the writers took an Arnold Schwarzenneger script they had lying around and changed the details to make it a Beverly Hills Cop movie. There’s no fun in it.”